Authentic SPiritual Journey

weekly spiritual conversations between 3 spiritual souls, on an authentic spiritual journey. They are as diverse as they are wise and share their learning in real-time for the audience to glean spiritual lessons that are practical to everyday life.

You will be surprised, touched and nourished by the stories, conversation and spiritual insight.


Reverend Cynthia Alice Anderson, Host

Cynthia Alice has been on the spiritual journey for years. Her journey began at a young age through her involvement at her family’s church and through the Cherokee teachings and language she received from her grandmother.  Cynthia Alice enjoys dialogue and collaboration about spiritual experiences and is happy to share learning from her individual spiritual experience.

Cynthia Alice serves CCU Orlando as a spiritual leader and is honored to follow in her grandfather and great-grandfathers footsteps, as an Orlando minister.


Dave Kropf, Producer

Dave is a veteran composer, percussionist, and educator whose primary focus is on production music for film and TV. He has over a decade of podcasting experience as the host of the long-running Drummer Talk podcast which ran for over 270 episodes from 2005-2016.

When he's not composing or performing, Dave can be found teaching music composition at Full Sail University.


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